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How I became a Baha'i

  • Welcome to my website dedicated to the Baha'i Faith. First let me tell you how I became a Baha'i. I recently became a Baha'i in 2018.  I used to be a Christian until I began to read about the Baha'i faith online. I found the religion very interesting. I read all about a divine messenger of God named Baha'ullah which means translated in English the Glory Of God.

  • Baha'i's believe he was the most recent manifestation of God just like Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad. They believe in one God which makes this religion purely monotheistic and they believe in something called progressive revelation. Which means that throughout human history God has sent divine messengers to educate humanity.  

  • God always has and will educate us with divine messengers. The Baha'i Faith doesn't proselytize which means that they don't try and convert people from one religion to another. The choice is up to the individual. The Baha'i Faith has about 5-7 million members and is still growing.

Who was Baha'ullah?

  • The meaning of the name Baha'ullah means the Glory Of God. He claimed he was a manifestation of God just like Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad. A man named the Bab prepared the way for Baha'ullah's coming just like John the baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ's coming. 

  • Sadly the Bab and Baha'ullah's own country didn't believe him and the bab was executed and Baha'ullah was persecuted for his religious faith and put in prison and then released and exiled out of his native country in Iran. 

  • During Baha'ullah's lifetime he wrote many volumes of theology books and gave us one of his most important books titled: The Kitab I Aqdas. Which means in english: The Most Holy Book. Contained inside this book are the Baha'i laws and how to live a good moral Baha'i life.

A brief Description of basic Baha'i beliefs.

  • The Baha'i religion is a monotheistic religion. Which means that they believe in one God. Baha'i's also believe in something called progressive revelation. They believe that God sends divine messengers to teach us about God throughout the course of human history. 

  • Baha'i's believe in the equality of all races. Which means that we are all made from the same substance of God and are all equal in the eyes of God. Baha'i's also believe in the equality of men and women. Baha'i's treat women like equals to themselves. 

  • Baha'i's believe in the compatibility of science and religion and in the independent investigation of truth. Baha'i's also believe that education should be accessible for all people. Most of all Baha'i's believe in world peace. And this was Baha'ullah's message to usher in an era of world peace.   

A brief Introduction To The Baha'i Faith

Check out this great video from Baha'i blog on youtube.

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